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Duración: 06:24
Subido: 2014/04/13

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The Unforgiven (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett)

Director: Matt Mahurin

Filmed in September 1991 in Los Angeles, CA

Video Premiere Date: November 19, 1991

© 1991 Blackened Recordings

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2 years ago

Corozal De los Ochenta

When James Hetfield confessed he inspired on how he was treated by his parents... He confessed it on 2014 Interview.... or 2015. And I loved this song on 1991. I felt that about my parents too. Never knew James was thinking about his too when he made this song. "Santa Shit"!!!! Amazed!!!!

2 years ago

The Airsoft Gamer

Could some one explain this song to me

2 years ago

Diogo Valões

Amazing song!!

2 years ago

Jackie Hudgins

this one is better 4 u will never see

2 years ago

Andreia Mar

Love Love Love!!!

2 years ago

lautaro cejas

never free , never me so i dub the unforgiven

2 years ago

David b

vete a LA verga. unforgiven

2 years ago


I`m selling used Metallica used underwear if you want to buy them please message me in al.l colours, but mainly brown

2 years ago

bryan ulises

Alguien saba porque no se ve kirk? :(

2 years ago

Gökhan Mert Aziret

What i ve felt what i ve knownnever shined through in what i ve shown ...

2 years ago

Clara DarkPrincess

I'm the 17 666'th IoIBut hope to be forgiven IoI

2 years ago

Joaopedro Santos

musica top pra crl - :b

2 years ago

ulises quiñones

Metal Up Your Ass!!

2 years ago

Serial Killer PT

This is actually a perfect music to describe Dragonborn's life (or Dovahkiin, as in Dragon Language) after he left his family's home upon his father's death, because he has to understand the rules of the Empire/Stormcloacks (whatever side you choose), and many other rules.And I bet that NSA is spyying on us all and our commentaries so have fun getting spied, your accounts robbed and then the Governments saying that it's hackers fault when it's theirs. Even on PSN you're not safe. Any device conected to Internet is being spyed.

2 years ago

Amanda Schönewolf

godlike... !!!!

2 years ago

Chris K.

I'm going to listen to this all day tomorrow at school.

2 years ago



2 years ago


It's interesting that Rammstein has very similar guitar solo in one of their songs called "Mutter"

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