Logic - Walk On By descargar videos gratis

Duración: 04:12
Subido: 2013/02/25

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Logic301

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MindOfLogic

Produced By: C-Sick @CSick_

Directed by: @GRVTY_

Visionary Music Group


3 years ago

Erick dieeins

F*ck this new shit Logic is the best

3 years ago

Jonathan Pena

Tht track went hard

3 years ago


Can I curse? Yea. Fuck pussy cunt bitch swag

3 years ago

Issac Aguilar

What's the jacket logic is wearing?

3 years ago


I like dick

3 years ago

JTF Trax

Great Logic's hit, but it would never beat Nasty, that's all.

3 years ago


We just dropped a brand new music video, pretty personal and meaningful to us. Hope you can take a few mins to check it out. If you do and like it come back and like this comment so people understand we take this seriously.

3 years ago

NeRo Holmz

Top rappers Harry styles Ellen degeneres Magic Johnson Barrack obama Miley Cyrus

3 years ago

Manny Rendon

When it comes to rap, why does it matter if he's white or black? Shut the fuck up and listen to the damn song. This genre has no color. 

3 years ago

Pokemon Mysteries99

Like is FaZe Blaziken Brought u here

3 years ago

OGK Element

Anyone else here from blazikens day in the life&?

3 years ago


FaZe Blazikin

3 years ago

Sly Bills

amongst the complete shit in today's hip-hop there's this gem, keep em coming Logic

3 years ago

OhhYin - PS3/PS4

Wow logic you fucking suck pls stop

3 years ago

tristan bess

Logic is the best rapper 

3 years ago

Julio Barragan

im blasting this dude in the west letting some real lyrics hit these dumb gangster fucks out here

3 years ago

Hopsin Instagram

so underrated

3 years ago

Fear Famas

put all of logic songs in gta plz 

3 years ago

Mezzo Thrillz

Bruh .... This song goes so hard it had me in my seat like wtf

3 years ago

one heart

Great song! Great lyrics. Logic is on the come up and only getting bigger. Check us out when you get a chance.

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