Westlife feat. Mariah Carey - Against All Odds (With Lyrics) video free download

Duration: 03:23
Uploaded: 2008/08/16

Westlife feat. Mariah Carey - Against All Odds

Including lyrics.

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4 years ago

Monica Lucero

relate. :'(

4 years ago


Mariah whispers too much sometimes

4 years ago

ที่ ว่าง

Westlife feat. Mariah Carey - Against All Odds (With Lyrics) 

4 years ago

Theresa Ryan-Quinones

Love this! Never heard of it

4 years ago

Tracyann Baxter

This is a wonderful love song even greAt for break up.oh my word

4 years ago

Nahwa Mutia Rahma

I want to cry when I heard this song...so saaaaaaddddd:'(Ni dai gua zhang le baLebay dkit...yah...wkwkwkwk..

4 years ago

Alejandro Cantu

I miss you, even tough I know it means nothing to you anymore.

4 years ago

Shella Ramos

We used to sang this song when we're together, but now, the lyrics had already said it all.. And now we're not together anymore and it really kills me deep inside... 

4 years ago

Amarga Daylene

wow ang ganda tlaga ng song nato

4 years ago

nestyl sacorum

ganda ng song na too d ako nag sasawang pakinggan :)

4 years ago

Heather shepard

This song can be for a break up or even if ur fighting with someone its a great song 

4 years ago

Daisy Flower

This song reminds me of a certain someone 

4 years ago

James Diselekta

i lov u guys..

4 years ago

Amit Joshi

I love you forever and always will <3

4 years ago

Christian Aldana

Phil Collins is better

4 years ago

Michelle Lara

nice song

4 years ago

Richard Bertillo

like n like 

4 years ago


You're the only one who really knew me at all ~ <3 ~

4 years ago

Jenna Davis

This song played at my cousin's funeral today, and it's fair to say she had an outstanding turn out, the crematorium service was by far the hardest part but at least she's in a better place. I couldn't help but think it should of been me in that coffin, Jo didn't deserve to leave us, Rest In Peace my beautiful cousin, I love you ❤

4 years ago

Resiree Roxanne Kison

I Like This Music Video

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