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Uploaded: 2009/01/02

We belong together

By: Mariah Carey


4 years ago

Trey Ryan

I dedicate this to Lan....this song is beautiful and says everything I feel in my heart and soul for you My Love......MUAHZ 

4 years ago

Jarrett Kelley

I am ♡

4 years ago

Mariah Rodgers

You sing so good

4 years ago

Savannah Noble


4 years ago


Love you babe <3

4 years ago

Nancy Facundo

whos watching in 2015

4 years ago

DarkDog 21

So many memories of when I was 4 and me and my mom were driving in our car and this song always came on the radio

4 years ago

Partygirl Love

Love this video

4 years ago

Dawn McDonald

the lyrics are to fast for me to read and i and read it.

4 years ago

Boss_Lady Bout tht life

this my songs even though this is a sad song

4 years ago

Lovergirl twentyeight

Me and Carson Thundershield belong together, and I know it way down deep inside of me. Nobody will ever take him from me, not even my family!

4 years ago

lee fraser

When you fuck up all your left with is music.

4 years ago

Monik Bello

best song!!!!

4 years ago

Johanna Dakay

How dare you with that timing

4 years ago

Tanisha Davidson

I know its old but still my song!!!!!

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