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Duration: 03:29
Uploaded: 2009/09/17

http://www.u2spain.es // U2 360 Tour - Soldier Field, Chicago - U2 behind the scenes: interview and show footage. Property of ABC: Good Morning America. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/ChrisCuomo/u2-kicks-off-360-tour-chicago-soldier-field/story?id=8566690


5 years ago

Dede Hewson

maybe U2 are weird for you but I think that you don't think about million U2fan all around the world who love what they do: as music, stages, interview and who love their characters!!

6 years ago


40 mill no probz>>>>> it is rumoured that they grossed 750 mill profit- biggest ever tour pay packet, easily out-striping the stones who took 500 mill from their bridges to babylon tour> the only down side is i dont think we will see them back on the road for quite sometime. peace to all pop-martians. :)

7 years ago

Jacob Olivas

I love U2 and please don't get me wrong......but I disagree with my IDOL "BONO" and his support for Obama. I'm 43 years old and I've been following my shamrocks since I was in the 9th grade in high school. I love you U2 ...

7 years ago

FilmCraft Productions

Keep pressing 2:20 LOL

7 years ago

FilmCraft Productions

2:20 LOL

7 years ago


I LOVE U2!!!!!:DDDDDD<333333333333

8 years ago


2:22 - LOOOL, BONO DONT KILL ME, wit dat Patois (Jamaican accent)...or at least attempt, haha love U2!!

8 years ago

AFG Guytdot

R u serious people actually hear u2 still whoa i thought they were gone ages but dint realize they playin stadium lol weaired what kind of people going to see this badn whoa if it was GAGA i will go

8 years ago

Ernie Gray

I understand the harping on the expense of the set, etc. On the previous tour, they played smaller venues and did 2-4 shows in the same city using a very ingenious, elegant and minimalist stage. It was a long tour. This time, they visit the entire world and play a single show in strategic metropolitan area with massive crowd capacities. They cover more earth with less work. Financially and logistically understandable.

8 years ago


oMG Larry is so cute!!!

9 years ago


they ALWAYS ask Larry about that....

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