The Mother Hips - "This Is Where I Belong" video free download

Duration: 03:48
Uploaded: 2009/11/16

The Mother Hips perform a song by The Kinks at The Fillmore in San Francisco, California on July 27th, 2001.


3 years ago

Nancy Mattice

One of Ray Davies' most beautiful songs.

5 years ago

Dylan Put

I got turned onto these cats when I STUMBLED upon the tent they were playing in at Summercamp (Chillicothe, IL) in 2011 at like 1:00 am. Good fucking times it was indeed!

6 years ago


and 11 years later, last night at the same venue July 19 2012, I witnessed Ray himself singing this great song...good job on this one guys

6 years ago


what a great cover

7 years ago

Sabin Morris

So it's summer 1992, and I'm working at Woodstock's Pizza in Chico, and someone says, "Hey, my band is practicing at 4th and Oak, you should come by". Ummmm, ok, so practice turned out to be an awesome show pretty much every night............... hee hee hee........

7 years ago

Ernesto Klingenberg

They should have credited the Kinks for this great song - though it doesn't matter much to Ray Davies.

8 years ago


I absolutely loved this! Of course, my viewpoint is more than a little biased. But there is a beautiful tone emitted by the tuning of the guitars in this performance. This is what hope sounds like.

8 years ago


Terrific guys!

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