The Dandy Warhols - last high - live video free download

Duration: 04:16
Uploaded: 2011/02/24

live @ the chapel 2004 Melbourne Australia


3 years ago

Paul Lampathakis

so love these guys live -- they give a shit about the audience -- they connect - that and the great tunes

4 years ago

Dinah Khairina

just like the original song. Originality is the best!

4 years ago

Rob Cook

The Dandys will always rule in my life....oh ya, and Anton too !

4 years ago

Ashley Jacobs

Amazing, come to uk

4 years ago


Just brilliant

4 years ago

Osvaldo Alcázar

Sound excellent, duran duran's sound

5 years ago

Lisa Monroe

The Dandy Warhols - last high - live

5 years ago

Joseph Cuozzo

Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky, We stole this song from Bowies Junky!

5 years ago


wow.. what a powerful song.

6 years ago


awesome band, loved them from the start..............pretty special music. for the last 15+ years the whole world is getting the R&B/Rap crap to be heard on mainstream. the music industy tell's a generation what to like, but this band is too good to ignore.

6 years ago

cat nip

He seems like a total freak, and I love it.

6 years ago


Did they just perform this and Godless here, or is there are full gig?

6 years ago


That's wonderful... One of their best songs.

6 years ago

Paul Hepburn

trumpet adds to this massively. quality

6 years ago

george slash

the people who wathcing this live are laying on chairs?!!!!! cool!!!!

6 years ago


Top of the Line.

6 years ago


how does this only have 2300 views? 100 of them are because of me.

7 years ago


what a beautiful version !

7 years ago

Konstantinos Koutsogiannis

great song and great band...hope to see them live again...greetings from greece!!!

7 years ago


awesome song

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