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The Beatles - Penny Lane 1967

"Penny Lane" is a song by The Beatles, written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon/McCartney. Recorded during the Sgt. Pepper sessions, "Penny Lane" was released in February 1967 as one side of a double A-sided single, along with "Strawberry Fields Forever". The song was later included on the Magical Mystery Tour LP (1967). The single was the result of the record company wanting a new release after several months of no new Beatles releases. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked the song at #449 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The song's title is derived from the name of a street in the band's hometown, Liverpool. The area that surrounds its junction with Smithdown Road is also commonly called Penny Lane. Locally the term "Penny Lane" was the name given to Allerton Road and Smithdown Road and its busy shopping area. Penny Lane is named after James Penny, an 18th century slave trader. McCartney and Lennon grew up in the area and they would meet at Penny Lane junction in the Mossley Hill area to catch a bus into the centre of the city. The street is an important landmark, sought out by most Beatles fans touring Liverpool. In the past, street signs saying "Penny Lane" were constant targets of tourist theft and had to be continually replaced. Eventually, city officials gave up and simply began painting the street name on the sides of buildings. This practice was stopped in 2007 and more theft-resistant "Penny Lane" street signs have since been installed though some are still stolen. The Abbey Road sign is also frequently stolen for the same reason.

The original US promo single mix of "Penny Lane" had an additional flourish of piccolo trumpet notes at the end of the song. This mix was quickly superseded by one without the last trumpet passage, but not before a handful of copies had been pressed and sent to radio stations. These recordings are among the rarest and most valuable Beatles collectibles. A stereo mix of the song with the additional trumpet added back in was included on the US Rarities compilation in 1980, and is included on an alternate take of the song released on Anthology 2 in 1996.

* Paul McCartney -- lead vocal, harmony and background vocals, three pianos and bass.

* John Lennon -- harmony and backing vocal, two pianos, congas and handclaps

* George Harrison -- backing vocal, handbell and handclaps

* Ringo Starr -- drums, tambourine

* George Martin -- piano, production, orchestration

* David Mason -- piccolo trumpet solo

* Ray Swinfield, P. Goody, Manny Winters -- flutes, piccolos

* Leon Calvert, Freddy Clayton, Bert Courtley, Duncan Campbell -- trumpets, flugelhorn

* Dick Morgan, Mike Winfield -- oboes, cor anglais

* Frank Clarke -- double-bass

In other news, I have added the lyrics to this song so you can sing along, or perhaps learn the song! This is how I learned my first Beatles song! Enjoy :)


3 years ago

Raul Vega Lopez

This calms a lot

3 years ago

Raul Vega Lopez

I love that song

3 years ago


This is probably the most panoramic and visual of Beatles songs!

3 years ago


pure pop

3 years ago

osaro goya

Paul is my favorite beatle but I still like the others 

3 years ago

Paulo Teixeira

Do you know why Beatles made success? Because they made nice musics with good harmony not like most bands use to do like mi/la/si or do/fa/sol etc. doing we call "square harmony". The Beatle's rithm also is not the same one. I guess the bands should learn with them to make good musics like they used to do...

3 years ago

cee ceethe

Penny lane is in Liverpool 

3 years ago

Vicente Zúñiga

Y continuo

3 years ago

Wayne Cameron

Very strange "Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes..." what's that mean? Is Penny Lane controlling his mind after that point?, because after that he sings about quite odd things and doings. What exactly is this Penny Lane? He makes his way to a back-street market of some sort where he sees a girl "she's selling poppies from a tray"... Heroin? And later: "There I sit beneath the blue suburban skies"... Reference to upper-middle-class drug useage? And the whole song has a dreamy, sleepy melody and sound to it.Hey, I'm from that era and I know that a lot of Beatles songs were about drugs. It's just that I had never listened to this one with the lyrics rolling... now I see a correlation.

3 years ago

foxx kitsune

very strange

3 years ago


This would sound much better with a trumpet ending.

3 years ago


Simply beautiful. ♡

3 years ago

Paul Buttrill

I remember my stepfather when I was a teenager saying to me "there's more than the Beatles you know" because he was into Northern Soul (which is fair enough) but I just shut the door and said "Fuck off"........... I was enjoying the music.

3 years ago


"The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a trayAnd though she feels as if she's in a playShe is anyway" Life feels like it's a play. It doesn't matter if it is or is not. It is a play, because we have to write the script regardless. :)

3 years ago

Jen Rothman

all the heads he's had the pleaser to know? what the ?

3 years ago

Rene Sanchez

This song makes me ponder on my speculation on people who come and go throughout my life, but money somehow loves to stick around. 

3 years ago

Stuart Safford

A very memorable tune.

3 years ago

Chloe Christopher

Live on penny lane

3 years ago


This song reminds me of England. It sounds ridiculously British.

3 years ago

Co Cl

you Gangsta Aleks what the fuck is doing with that song , what you mean , I try to get you and no way ! I can't see nothing ,there is no connection with that song !After all if it's so good with you , why not , good luck pal !

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