The Amboy Dukes - Good Natured Emma video free download

Duration: 04:39
Uploaded: 2009/12/26

Early Psychedelic stuff from the Amboy Dukes.


4 years ago

Arjuna Proximo Litore

One of the best inexplicably forgotten bands from the 60s.

4 years ago

jimmy schmitt

saw the dukes a few times at the action house, island park long island. always a great show. this was always one of my favorites.

5 years ago

Mike Barnett

I can't believe less than 7,000 people have stopped here to listen in on this awesome tune...

7 years ago

Raul Hermosillo

Yes, yes, yes.... her too and all the beautiful Emmas around the world JP, happy now??????????

7 years ago

Cesare Fereveutto

@putoncabron No, no, no.....Emma Watson.

7 years ago


I wore out the grooves on this album. Had it on 8 track as well.

7 years ago

Raul Hermosillo

emma roberts emma stone...

7 years ago


Far better than the majority of San Francisco psychedelic groups and a memory just for the Detroit Few. Superb. Thanks!

8 years ago


this song is so sweet to hear again ....

9 years ago

Raul Hermosillo

migration is another good album by the ad's. do yourself a favor an hear marriage on the rocks rock bottom. your skull will explode, ese!

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