Survivor / I will Survive - Glee [HD Full Studio] [Complete] video free download

Duration: 03:29
Uploaded: 2011/12/05

New Glee Single for Season Three from the new episode 3x08 "Hold on to sixteen" on air in 12/06 on Fox !


3 years ago

lupita jacinto

I Love this girls They are Amazing And too Awesome Glee is the best serie Of the WorldI Love Glee is so funny❤️

3 years ago

Forris Watkins

The only thing I didn't like about this is that Brittany didn't solo

3 years ago

Kids Mcgee

Love this song!!

3 years ago

benito lutffi

Check out this playlist on YouTube:

3 years ago

Maria Rojas

te amo santana la mejor, increíble voz

3 years ago

Sebastian Anderson

I love how Santana voice sounds like it is crumbling when she sings "crumble" at 0:49. Such a cool interpretation by Naya!

3 years ago

Destiny P.

im a gleek an i dont care who know

3 years ago

Zaiah 311

im a surviver im work harder

3 years ago

M lerman

Why Cory didn't survive? I miss him :'c

3 years ago


Santana and Mercades are amazing. Enough said.

3 years ago


A felt thoroughly empowered. :) Gotta give 'em that!

3 years ago

Sarah Ferris

You should hear the original

3 years ago

Lady Tubbington


3 years ago

Ivor Tip

ily to this song

3 years ago


This was always give me life! Thank you Troubletones!

3 years ago

Charmane Ordoña

how i wish there's a minus one of this song :(

3 years ago

Krisztián Kosztolányi

Nézd meg ezt a videót a YouTube-on:

3 years ago


Should be I Will Survive/Survivor

3 years ago

denisea woodard

Nice mixx

3 years ago

rosy rose

i like some songs1. isn't she lovely 2.TRUE COLOR WAS MY FAVOURITE3. man in the mirror

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