Surgeon - St. Vincent video free download

Duration: 04:28
Uploaded: 2011/07/22

The new song "Surgeon" by St. Vincent from her album Strange Mercy.

To get the free MP3 download of this song, go to St. Vincent's website and sign up for her newsletter.

Album comes out September 13th.


3 years ago


the intro is orgastic.

3 years ago


the ending rips off pink floyd

3 years ago

Andy GoLowww

"I spent the summer on my back."This song is metaphorical ear sex. From the lyrics to the album art. 10/10

3 years ago

Arnold Schwarzeneger

Gavlyn brought me here,i'm kinda dissapointed,yo!

4 years ago


This song is so sick... I absolutely love when it breaks down and goes into that little outro, which reminds me of Atom Heart Mother and a bit of Todd Rundgren (I know, random). She's so talented, this is such a good example of modern day music that's actually pushing the envelope. I hope she makes more songs like this one, in the sense that they equally move me. I'm open to suggestions, I just heard a few. 

4 years ago

Brenda Gordillo Alvarez

Best sound, fucking chills and I guess she's talking about first time right? "come, cut me, open"? LOL 

4 years ago

Liam Huntsucker

Sounds kinda like Sick Talk - Wye Oak

4 years ago

Saturno Villal

Beautifull y Hermoso! Psycodelic, progressive, pop-rock-new edge- dance, original sound and guitar... Perfect!

4 years ago

jessica roll

A lot of the sounds you hear in this are made with actual instruments. She is extremely talented. Her form of music is an art and a taste. My father has been a drummer for 45 years, sickest drummer I know to date "believe me" he heard st. Vincent from xml and he though it was the best thing he's heard in current music since like the grunge era.

4 years ago

Mike Hollins


4 years ago

Hulk Hogan

This is one of those musicians that people will be embarrassed to have listened to in 10 years. Mark my words.

4 years ago

Paul Samuel

they need to start making music with actual instruments again, this shit is garbage, music nowadays is garbage, and it is for this reason. These voice synthesizers and beat machines have ruined the industry. 

4 years ago


She should do the theme song for the next bond movie

5 years ago

Abdullah Moai

I'm sorry she could have gotten better producers for the music, or got better background pads, I feel like they're a cheap present 

5 years ago

Kwame Brown

Truley the most talented artists at this time. She is beautifully talented. Her sound is relaxing n full of energy at the same time. She is a line of cocaine n a pull of the best weed at the same moment

5 years ago


Sure.. I guess.. *scratches head*

5 years ago

Roberto Rivera

x3 This song turns me on! :D

5 years ago


Probably related to her stage name. St.

5 years ago


Does this song actually have anything to do with Catholicism or are you just being a fucknut?

5 years ago


Catholicism for the win!

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