Sum 41 - Pieces (with lyrics) video free download

Duration: 03:06
Uploaded: 2008/03/04

my favourite song with lyrics

I do not own this song!!


3 years ago


Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry....

3 years ago

Mariana Alexandra

I tried to be perfect,but nothing was worth it,I dont believe it makes me realI thought I'd be easy,But no one believes meI left all the things I said If you believe its in my soulId say all the words I know

3 years ago

Anastasija Armstrong

Awsome song :3

3 years ago

Jun Hector

If you believe it’s in my soulI’d say all the words that I knowJust to see if it would showThat I’m trying to let you know

3 years ago

mitch momo

This describes my depression perfectly.

3 years ago

Lexie Grey

Screw therapy... This is better

3 years ago


I feel old. 

3 years ago

bridget danport

This completely explains every thought I've had and every feeling I've felt, since last March. When I was first diagnosed with an ED..

3 years ago

Nicolas Silver

mmmm,... me gusto ..ajaja esta buena ...

3 years ago

Ryan Fry

If you believe its in my soul id say all the words that I know , Just to see if it were a CHODE 

3 years ago


Probably my second favorite Sum 41 song. :)

3 years ago

Yosuf Hamidzai

So much feels rn

3 years ago

diana gaytan

i love this song

3 years ago


thumbs up if you had a high school crush and hated your principal

3 years ago

joey kamaranaatuh

Sleeping bag :'(

3 years ago

katie vargo

im better off on my own

3 years ago

Sasha Maslanka

This song got me through elementary school, I'm 11 now and it has got me off through the first two quarters of middle school, great song. 

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