Sum 41 - Goddamn I'm Dead Again (Official Music Video) video free download

Duration: 03:47
Uploaded: 2017/05/03

Sum 41 is up for 3 awards at the 2017 Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards, fueled by Monster Energy! Vote NOW and help them take the Skully for Artist of the Year, Music Video of the Year (“Fake My Own Death”) and Best Dummer (Frank Zummo)! Vote here: ⚡️


11 months ago

Amit Dutt

i love how sum 41 has the whole classic heavy metal thing going behind their pop punk sound !

11 months ago

Carel van Heerden

Please come to South africa again!!

11 months ago

Jesus MVillaseñor

Awesome !

11 months ago


Still fire... but Deryck in skinny jeans is a weird sight

11 months ago

Kenneth Knoppik

I love this fucking band

11 months ago

Enggartiasto Setiawan

Good combination from Punk Rock and Metal. That's why I love Sum 41.

12 months ago

Kid Money Fresh

Seriously tho, kinda creepy how it seems that time has stood still like this was done in the fatlip era, either way fuck yes :)

12 months ago

Bring Back Rock

at least this band stick to there roots and don't sell out to sell records

12 months ago

Thor Mjolnir

they did not lose their sound, it's the 90's all over again!

1 year ago

Rob Silson

not bad . good to see some decent music again

1 year ago

jansley zecca

hmmm.. not cool man.. not coll =(

1 year ago


The return!!OMG, who are waiting this moments? =)

1 year ago


The lead singer has looked the same since 2001

1 year ago

Eric Griffin

The solo sounds like Hotel California or an Avenged Sevenfold's track.

1 year ago

Bobo Armstrongs

There's someone in that clip? Anybody?

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