St. Vincent - Regret (Live On Letterman) video free download

Duration: 03:55
Uploaded: 2014/08/21

St. Vincent - Regret (Live On Letterman)


3 years ago

Alexander Sands

It's bad to name your song after the feeling people get after listening to it. 

4 years ago

Simon Arcenio

Hahaha what is happening? 1:14-1:33

4 years ago

Kieran Butler

As much as I love this song, this performance is just not good. No energy, backing vocals are abysmal, I can barely hear the guitar, etc. I would say it's because of it being on Letterman, but the other songs she performed on Letterman sound really good. Ah well, she's good live anyways. 

4 years ago

Christopher Castrillon

I love every single one of her albums, but she really need to drop the pretentious bull shit.

4 years ago


David Byrne fucked up St. Vincent. I used to enjoy her live performances so much, now she's just not as entertaining. And those weird choreographed moves, wtf? Annie, do your fans a favor: bring back the strings, bring back the horns, bring back St. Vincent.

4 years ago

Fun Ride MurderTrial

Rock it Annie! One of my many favs!

4 years ago

dan meme

Sucks balls seriously.

4 years ago

Liam Blood

The backing vocals need to be turned up quite a bit... but other than that, great performance!

4 years ago


Lets Go Crazy much at 1:12? Love it.

4 years ago

Egor Chebotarev


4 years ago

Peter Phillips

What a great song. Louder, louder, louder.

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