St. Vincent - Mistaken for Strangers (The National cover) video free download

Duration: 05:18
Uploaded: 2010/02/25

St. Vincent covering The National's "Mistaken for Strangers" live at the Allen Room in New York.


3 years ago


god I love this cover, I know I'm 5 years late but I wish she had done a studio version or at least that there was a better quality version of it. I love the little "wow" at the end though lol, I feel you dude 

4 years ago

Winston Knowitall

Oh come on! Just blink already!

5 years ago

Julio Inoa

Her rendition of this song is absolutely beautiful. Goosebumps.

5 years ago

I Kobayashi

Audio is not good

6 years ago

Martín Molina Hernández

you never know, maybe she does

6 years ago

Notes And Frames

This need's a studio version

6 years ago

Dave Teves

Someone need to know how the internet works.

6 years ago


Wish they would release this

6 years ago


Maybe it's just like addressing G-d or something. Dear Annie, It's me, Margaret...

6 years ago

Ted Lasso

I watch this like its actually a video. so beautiful

6 years ago


Men woooing...i laugh

7 years ago

Cihan Barnett

beautiful eyes

7 years ago


She's an alien, hypnotizing us. I'm sure of it.

7 years ago

Rosie Parkinson

I love her face, it's like the china doll i wanna go and hide in.

7 years ago

Diego Schuster

@apoct fyi annie doesn't read these comments...

7 years ago

Shawn Baker

+Nicole Baker

7 years ago


@dfitzgeraldd venue had a very strict anti-camera policy. boooo.

7 years ago


I really enjoyed this... Your voice is so angelic and haunting. Why did you change the lyrics though? Just out of curiosity... Was it just what felt right in the moment?

7 years ago

Dennis Donnelly

FINALLY. i was at this amazing show - actually you can hear me going whoooooo really loudly at the end of this video. why no actual video when there are videos of literally every other song from this event?!?!?

7 years ago


Imagine a duet by Annie and Jeff Buckley. A heaven we'll never know...

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