Send me an Angel - Real Life Live in Araneta! High Quality video free download

Duration: 04:19
Uploaded: 2008/04/29

Real life live in Araneta


3 years ago


The man asked them what shall he perform for them (any wishes), they have asked for Send me and Angel - when he asked them to sing with him they didn't do it, really boring crowd, at least most of them 'cause I couldn't hear any of them singing it.

4 years ago


Sounds awesome. SEND ME AN ANGEL RIGHT NOWww.

4 years ago

Peggy Van Aller

Beautiful song.

5 years ago


Fantastic song!

6 years ago


The movie Rad brought me here

6 years ago

ant sz

Heard this song on The Wizard.Comedy movie

6 years ago

Jarrah Woodpixie

Thank you so much for posting this one, its one of my favourites from many years ago and i can still sing along word for word! What wonderful lyrics

6 years ago

Alexio Gessa

What happened? Where did his voice go?

6 years ago


Still the best synth sound.

6 years ago

william matos

This song rocks

7 years ago

Jairo Alonso Velásquez

What a boring people.......

7 years ago


@alienskinmusic Great honor to have you here! Your keyboard riff in this song was one of the most loved riffs of the 80s synth pop. This song without the riff would be another story.

7 years ago

Patricia Robert

@alienskinmusic Hey my friend George! ;) Patricia

7 years ago

Patricia Robert

@alienskinmusic Hey my friend George! ;)

7 years ago

Alien Skin Music

This is George from the band Real Life. I'm pleased you are enjoying. I wasn't performing here as keyboardist, only David and a couple of session people. But nonetheless, it's a great performance. I provided the backing track, recorded in Australia. Cheers. You can also find me, solo, as 'Alien Skin'

7 years ago


His voice is getting better like old wine.

7 years ago


at 0:48 the keyboardist makes quite the notational flub.

8 years ago

Hunky Daboyz

great song , great band

9 years ago


raal life is one best bands they are better then most hope they come to chicago jim

9 years ago


lol, i didn't know Phillipinos could speak Hindi, finally i know somebody that loves these songs does! lol. GREAT SONG AND LOVE THE QUALITY EVERY TIME!!

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