SCORPIONS - Miracle video free download

Duration: 04:22
Uploaded: 2007/08/04

Scorpions... more than Rock & Roll :-)


We took the long way

The long way home

And now it's just one step to go

All those hours alone

With only thing to get you home

Will I get out of this?

And all that's left for me is hope

Now all I'm hoping for...


Is a miracle (a miracle)

To see the daylight

A miracle

The skies so blue

It's a miracle (a miracle)

To find a new life

A miracle

To be back with you!

In the darkest hours

Alone with all your fears

All you can think of

Are those happy days

So much we take for granted,

But life's a fragile thing these days

When the time is up

All you're hoping for

You're hoping for


All I need


To be back with you...(a miracle)

Just one more step

We're almost there...(2)

To be back with you...(2)


3 years ago

Tania Mele

Buona serata a tutti...

3 years ago

Nelma Antunes Antunes

Amigos scorpions e tdo d bom banda maravilhosa adoro

3 years ago

maria aparecida brito

Boa tarde ... noite chegando.. 

3 years ago

Amarildo Ferreira


3 years ago

Roxana Nohelia Chagua Romero

Amoo su voz !!!!

3 years ago

Maurizio Bocchini

Veramente Bellissime 

3 years ago

Krzysztof M.


3 years ago


This music is a real miracle... 

3 years ago

George M.

Muy buen tema acompañado de imágenes de paisajes, flora y fauna del planeta Milagro. Me gusto mucho..!! 

3 years ago

Ishmael weed

Exelente cansion una de mis bandas favoritas aparte te quede genial con eso de las gaviotas o cisnes exelente...

3 years ago

Roxana Nohelia Chagua Romero

obra maestra !!

4 years ago

rob boudreau

scorpion miracle

4 years ago

Krzysztof M.

Super rockowa ballada

4 years ago

Max manni

queste sono le meraviglie incontaminate veramente bello tutto, brano compreso..

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