Scorpions - Coming Home [Gdansk, Poland_04 June 2009] video free download

Duration: 03:32
Uploaded: 2009/06/05

The concert titled "It started in Poland " took place in Gdańsk shipyard 04 June 2009 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the first free elections in Eastern Europe.

Gdańsk Shipyard is a large Polish shipyard, located in the city of Gdańsk. The yard gained international fame when Solidarity (Solidarność) was founded there in September 1980. In 1980 Gdańsk was the arena for events that changed the face of the world. A strike by 17,000 ship builders saw Solidarity (Solidarność), led by shipyard electrician Lech Wałęsa, recognised as the first non-communist trade union in the then Soviet Eastern Bloc. The move was one of the first successful steps that led to the eventual collapse of communism, across Eastern Europe. In Poland on 4th June, 1989 the first free elections to Parliament were held in the whole communist world which marked the begining of the end of communist rule in

Eastern Europe. Later that year in November the Berlin Wall came down.....


1. Coming Home

2. Loving You Sunday Morning

3. Is There Anybody There

4. The Zoo

5. Coast To Coast

6. Send Me An Angel

7. 321

8. Bad Boys Running Wild

9. Still Loving You

10. Blackout

11. Big City Nights

12. Wind Of Change

13. Rock You Like A Hurricane


5 years ago

Adrian Mendiola

You want to know the notes? Normal not you find them in this wonderful cancion.Yo if I found a guy sent to me by internet.Quieres know them?'m On the network.

5 years ago


Fajna nazwa

6 years ago



7 years ago

litas kutas

i was there ;)

7 years ago


still bummed that when i saw them last summer they didnt play still lovin you or wind of change

7 years ago


Polska jest the best :D

7 years ago

felipe junqueira

@Kobbhie But its cool !!!

8 years ago


@GraceLynx No nooo Argentina babyy!!

8 years ago


What a great opening song. I have to see Scorpions once more before they have the blackout in 2012/2013.

8 years ago

Flávio costa

Dia 24 de Setembro em São Luís do Maranhão. E eu estarei lá vendo de camarote!!!!!!!!!

8 years ago

giorgos o griffin

bass intro...pawel...the besttt!!!!

8 years ago

Sotos Annis

when the came in greece the had the same intro i was there!!!

9 years ago


pure heavy metal

9 years ago


i was in the concert in was exactly the same as ours.....

9 years ago

Alex Salgado

it's very funny

9 years ago

Andrzej Graf

Wypraszam sobie! Wydzierałem tekst z gardła co tchu, w pierwszym rzędzie będąc. Tak, po to się tam pchałem :)

9 years ago

Chris Jordison

ti 3enera eiste esei ekei sthn polonia...!!ax kai na eisastan 2 meres meta sthn a8hna na blepate ti ginotan....... <3 SCORPIONS <3

9 years ago

Steve Marshall

Doma207 dokładnie, ja sądzę, że 3/4 ludzi poszło na koncert z powodu niskiej ceny i innych zespołów ;// jakby 3/4 ludzi to byli fani Scorpions to śpiew by był nawet jakby nie wystawiał mikrofonu ;d czyli jak w Zabrzu ;d;d;d

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