R5 - (I Can't) Forget About You (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 04:06
Uploaded: 2014/01/15

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4 years ago


This song's hilarious! I have a problem though...I've watched this at least 100x (obviously not all at once)...no exaggeration!

4 years ago

Melissa Lehman

This is not a bad song its a good song and Ross Ryder ratlif rocky and rydel are very very very good singers

4 years ago

Alexis Chapman

This is my new fave song by them

4 years ago

Soojin Van Dalen

Only can see him as Austin Moon

4 years ago

Omar Chareef Wp

I remember u...

4 years ago

Steven Santos

Check out this video on YouTube:

4 years ago

Anastasia Tilghman

I only got into this band becuz Riker was in Glee. I found out I kina liked it

4 years ago

Terry R.

r5 u guys and girl are so awsome

4 years ago

Yerli Romero

es muy bueno y quw saquen mas canciones que dios le se la bendicion de ser mas exitosos

4 years ago

Klaudia Ilba

Love Ross lynch 

4 years ago

Mrs Lynch/Ratliff

OMG this video has 200 000 likes!

4 years ago

monkey animatronic

/フフ /フフ)/ ノ) ∧__∧ ) ヽ/ | (´・ω・`)ノ⌒(ゝ/ ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく \ /丶_ ノ 0 ノ、 0 |/`ヽ `ー-‘_人`ーノ丶  ̄ _人’彡Come to my guess that person (2) or the cat will lick you

4 years ago

Sonia Martinez

I loe you ross lynch i cant forget about you

4 years ago

Petra Dejdarová

Jestli někdo ještě nedal odběr nebo like atˇ ho hned dá...:DTady to je taky super písnička a má i super klip...:D

4 years ago

Judith Lambo

i love this song!

4 years ago

Vaughn Parker

Feel good song

4 years ago

Annette Cedeno

riker is soooo sexy

4 years ago

Epistemologia UNFV

es muy bonito mi favorito

4 years ago


I can't forget about you r5 

4 years ago

nuria Castañon Mejia

Que guapo

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