Pearl Jam - Just Breathe (Lyrics) video free download

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Uploaded: 2011/04/10

Here is one of the most beautiful songs of all times (: Pearl Jam is immortal \m/

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4 years ago


The first time my diehard Pearl Jam loving mother heard this song, she requested to me that it be played at her funeral. Needless to say, I tear up every time I hear it and am thankful for evevy day she's still here.

4 years ago

linda may

best song pearl jam ever made

4 years ago

Josh Jurgensen

This is for the one I call Love, the one that is my Angel.

4 years ago

sonny novantacinque

Raymond Reddington bring me here

4 years ago

Winnie Dawe

Breathe :)

4 years ago

Joey Gravins

Very awesome. And true.

4 years ago

francesco vellei

i dont understand exactly what the lyrics mean but this song seems very beautiful and sweet

4 years ago


Castle 3x22. "If only..."

4 years ago

Felipe Vasquez

Its been a while but I breakdown everytime i hear this. Goodbye Pops

4 years ago

The King Of The Potato People

I'm here because of The Blacklist. Last episode of season 1 :)

4 years ago

MIchael Sternett

Yes I understand....

4 years ago

Vida Jakop

"...and I come clean..." A mature person only would say/admit that.

4 years ago

Irene Ramirez

*Pearl Jam -- "Just Breathe"*

4 years ago

Kare Berry

my beautiful son, may you alway RIP 06/10/14. I found this song in your favorites. I love you forever, and may you always teach me till I meet you again. You are awesome, man. Fuck I miss you man. 21 years is too short. I love you more than my own life.

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