Pearl Jam - Jeremy (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on Spotify & Apple video free download

Duration: 05:21
Uploaded: 2012/03/24

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Boyce Avenue:

Alejandro Manzano (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano)

Fabian Manzano (Background Vocals, Guitar)

Daniel Manzano (Background Vocals, Bass, Percussion)

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Boyce Avenue cover "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam

#BoyceAvenue #Jeremy #PearlJam

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Audio Produced by Alejandro Manzano & Daniel Manzano

Arrangement by Alejandro Manzano

Recorded & Engineered by Adam Barber

Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber

Video Produced by Daniel Manzano & Alejandro Manzano

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1 year ago

cooper fournier

He seems like a talented musician, but this is way overedited for my taste. Good job, though!

1 year ago

Mick Biggs


1 year ago


A friend posted the original pearl jam video a couple hours before taking his life recently. I cannot get the song out of my head. I hear you. I love you. I'm sorry. I wish I could have helped or made a difference in your life. I wish you knew it gets better. You were so young and could have healed. I wish you knew.

1 year ago

Marc Ramon Acústico

awesome instrumental, but eddie vedder's vocal style is unique...

1 year ago

Tye Outcalt

I'm a musician and a pretty darn good one at that, people who don't play can't appreciate this rendition of the song, hard to play and sing , because of the timing is so off tempo with the vocals, fantastic job!!

1 year ago

Eray Tan

ı think that one is better than the original :D

1 year ago

Lucas Kenui

Standard Tuning?

1 year ago

Boris Cvekic

This is a legit acoustic cover. Have in mind, when comparing "energy" that even Pearl Jam probably didn't shape this song "alone" they were backed by shitloads, I mean, huge shitloads of producers, managers, experienced musicians in the industry and whatnot (you can hear the demos, and how they were shaped in final production) to get that kind of "energy" you usually credit only Eddie Vedder for. So, this version is something I could listen as it is. The riffs (probably because it's just a guitar) point out more clearly the original country/bluegrass/blues roots of the song.

1 year ago


O MELHOR COVER DESSE CARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Joao Vitor

mandou ver . Dom magnifico desse filho da puta.

1 year ago

Audi Renata Farizka

jeremy smokin

1 year ago

Beneth kreknicki

Existem músicas que necessitam mais do que técnicas e afinação, precisam de alma e emoção. Neste caso ele não alcançou tudo o que Eddie Vedder projecta nesta canção. Porem seria injusto desmerecer o Boyce, que já interpretou varias outras musicas de maneira esplêndida. Boyce Avenue, você é fera. Gostaria de ouvir de você um cover da Black - Pearl Jam. Parabéns pelo trabalho.

1 year ago

Lester Romero

nice... but nowhere near Eddie

1 year ago

Vik London

He don't have the voice.He sounds like a girlie.boy

1 year ago

Big Worm

Not enough grit to this version. Sounds like generic rock.

1 year ago

Zachary Reinhard

What tuning is this? Someone help...Drop A? It's not standard

1 year ago

Adrian MAC


1 year ago

Alexandre Henrique

So Damn perfect!!! Do "Black" by Pearl Jam too, please

1 year ago

carla molina


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