Pearl Jam - Given to Fly HD video free download

Duration: 04:02
Uploaded: 2013/01/30

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

― Leonardo da Vinci

Fan edited video for Given to Fly, featuring well... humans in flight. This video features some fantastic slow motion photography and of course, Pearl Jam. Edited in Pinnacle Studio for iPad and rendered in glorious 1080i.

Photography Credits:

Experience Human Flight, Experience Zero Gravity - InfinityList

Flight of the Frenchies -

Sense of Flying - Goovinn on Vimeo

Da Capo - JuBaFilms

Slow It Down - Sacha Powell


4 years ago

Romina Pozzi

Spero possiate essere tutti felici quanto lo sono io adesso. Buona serata! 

4 years ago

Flávia Raffi


4 years ago


This video improves my day every time I watch it. It's a thing of beauty, just like the song.

4 years ago

Eli Mamedio

Tenho essa sensação em muitos momentos da minha vida... Ser livre, é como ter asas... #giventofly #PearlJam

4 years ago

Victor Pietro Moreno

Great video, even better music

4 years ago

Laura 777

Pearl Jam_Given to Fly <3Montagna estrema...

4 years ago

edgardo galasso

WOW. Esta canción me genera demasiadas sensaciones. De almohada de mis lágrimas a sostén de mis esperanzas. Me recuerda a mi viejita querida que el cáncer me la arrebató demasiado pronto pero que siempre estará acompañándome, hasta el fin de mis días

4 years ago

Marko Štimac

A like for that cute bumblebee, attracted to a flower like a magnet :)

4 years ago

Nella Crosiglia


4 years ago

Fernando Charó

Going to California...

4 years ago

Luis Cervantes

I love PJ !!!!!

5 years ago

Carlos Borgo

Sin dudas, la mejor cancion. Puro rock roll con una letra muy buena, llena de sentimentos y honor. Saludos a todos. Gracias Pearl Jam, la mejor banda de mi generación 

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