Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy (OFFICIAL) Dir. KROZM video free download

Duration: 04:09
Uploaded: 2007/11/30

HQ vimeo link: http://vimeo.com/11066735

Director: Krozm

Producer: Luci Schroder and Chris Hill

DOP: Germain Mcmicking

Stylist: Kate Reynolds

Makeup: Ami Sullivan

Editor: Krozm


3 years ago

myriam forgeron

Thanks to Poptron from SOMA FM to remember me this song <3

3 years ago

rex schumacher

play loud

3 years ago

Diane sty

Regardez cette playlist sur YouTube :cb xX bbib x

3 years ago

Emma Lyse

For no other reason than that it seems to have re-surfaced in my head jukebox today.

3 years ago

Adam Sheen

Grandmaster flash remixed this song not long ago..

4 years ago



4 years ago

Jimmy levine

Reminds me of the Mavis's

4 years ago

Harrison Barrett

Justice essential mix!

4 years ago

Febry Supriyadi

Seeding Bowie's DNA for a bit. 

4 years ago

Marì Mariani


4 years ago

Johnner Comediantul

You could fall in love to this track. Caution.

4 years ago

Evan Basson

WOW!!!! EPIC!!!

4 years ago

Maioha Mivadi

Memorized this song name for 5 years so I could listen to it again one day lol

4 years ago

Manu Tamaki

muito show

4 years ago

Jeanette Zuniga

When first heard his voice I thought he sound like David Bowie too. I can't believe it's been 7 years already... I was listening to this song in full blast in my 2000 Kia Sophia!!! :-P good times in my first car ;-) lol 

4 years ago

Josephine Munoz


4 years ago


great song!

4 years ago

Lys Ben


4 years ago

Fred Thuillier

Sounds like Roxy Music + ELO and Bowie vocals 

4 years ago

Rezenne Gidey

At last ELO revival! Great work!

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