MI CASA & MISHKA - BORA VIVER (AFRICA SHINE short film part 3) video free download

Duration: 03:58
Uploaded: 2015/05/30

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4 years ago

Maria ML

*Mi Casa* & *Mishka*bora viver 

4 years ago

Jennifer Miguya

am I the only one who feels this was a great idea to fuse the AFRICA SHINE series with their music. So beautiful so nice , I WANT MORE!!! . too sad the rest of the world hasn't seen this yet . I feel each should have a million views or something!

4 years ago

Denis Maina

Love the song and the story! all from part one.

4 years ago

Yusuf Hargovan

What a song!! 

4 years ago

Ncedo Mngomezulu

Yessss Mi Casa!!! Love it! 

4 years ago

Kevin Watson

Listening from Canada ... Sure miss some proper Music <3

4 years ago

Helene Naicker

If I were her I would've chosen J something!

4 years ago

Segatlhamela M

this and and the video from part 1 is deep I love South Africa

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