Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Christmas Cover video free download

Duration: 04:09
Uploaded: 2014/12/03

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I hope you all enjoy my Christmas themed 20 style cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.

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Music Produced & Performed by Anthony Vincent at Zedalza Studios in Port Chester, NY

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1 year ago

Transient Lion

I love how you're too good at singing to copy Blink 182 exactly.That's a compliment by the way.

1 year ago

Dandy Ink


1 year ago

Paul Bennett

would love to hear a complete snow version lol

1 year ago

Erjann Jireh Fernandez

Another fave

1 year ago

Crowded places

Blink 182 , Bruce Springsteen and depeche mode were my favorite I love this song .

1 year ago

Tex Poseidon

Oh my gosh, I can't believe he did John Lennon and Bing Crosby

1 year ago


You are a super star man!!! Add to your styles chubby checker please

1 year ago

Rose Van Wylich

Imagine Dragons and Usher

1 year ago

Hawk Talon

Mariah Carey better hire you to sing for her, honestly.

1 year ago

Lee Faught

Can you do Colt Ford in one of your songs?

1 year ago


Loved it but a little upset you didn't do Burl Ives

1 year ago

jax 0901

Pls do blink 182 some more

1 year ago


He sings female singer voices like a castrato!

1 year ago

Baldur Aviation

I like how you chose the Craig Goldy era of Dio over Vivian

1 year ago

Lps Henry

Demi lovodo

1 year ago


Blink slayyyyyyyy

1 year ago

Rodrigo Irigoyen Dorantes

Dear ten seconds song could u do the song from skillet monster

1 year ago

Tony Timmerman

Thank you for doing Depeche Mode. I would like to see you try Morrissey. :)

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