Loudness - 03 - Danger of Love [HD Audio] video free download

Duration: 05:03
Uploaded: 2009/08/21

Soldier of Fortune is Japanese heavy metal band Loudness' 7th studio album, and their first

with American vocalist Mike Vescera.

It consists of 10 tracks.


3 years ago

Kuroi Karasu

Has anyone ever had one of those awkward, epiphany-inducing moments where the song playing just outright nails your current life situation? For me, this was that one song... The lyrics immediately dragged me in... Since I was but a mere child, I despised my emotions, believing them to be naught but a hindrance... A weakness. I would always hide, bury, and outright lie about how I felt, while trying to be relatively honest about my thoughts. About a decade later, I now find myself realising what a fool I was for lying to myself all these years for the sake of what I believed to be peace... In verity, it was mere complacency. I felt safe because I thought my actions were protecting me, but now that so many people have willingly walked into my life, I feel so lost... So scared... I want to feel again; to open up a heart long closed-off, but I just don't know how... I've spent too much time running from myself... Running in circles.

3 years ago

dinar nurhidayat

golden age of music ... long live 70,80,90 classic rock

3 years ago

Aaron Rivera

Mike vescera perfect fit

3 years ago

Paul Grady

There are 5 solos on this album I would put up against ANY solos on ANY album!!!

4 years ago

i.n.t jaruko

イェイ! \m/♡

4 years ago

Vanesa Sempere Tari

Preciosa canción!

4 years ago

Marko Bungin

Youtube have a bug ,it's show only my views today

4 years ago

Ricardo Falconi

I believe that if he was the guitarrist for Ozzy or Dio he would have been worldwide famous and known as the best, he would have fit perfectly

5 years ago

Rozli Yusof

best loudness album ever.akira's guitar licks are out of this world!

5 years ago


This loudness is with Vocalist Mike Vescera This album Has Some Kool Guitar Riffs and i Like the Vocal Work From mike too Overall A great 7th album From Loudness, Look for a full Concert with mike The Soldier of Fortune tour- Right here on U-Tube .Rock on

6 years ago

Brooklyn Volume

very reminiscent of "Ashes In the Sky"

6 years ago

Paw Armstrong


7 years ago


I thump up the hasimohasimo without even whats he's saying.....just for his country!

7 years ago


To me of of the very best guitar solos in the history of the modern music... And a awesome song.. Brilliant.. Life is a bit better after listening to this song.. i love you brothers..

7 years ago


good song!

7 years ago



8 years ago

anderw pale

amazing album......

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