Loretta Lynn and Trace Adkins - "Lead Me On" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry video free download

Duration: 02:44
Uploaded: 2013/02/01

Trace Adkins joins Loretta Lynn on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry to perform "Lead Me On" as part of Loretta's 50th Opry Member Anniversary Show on GAC's Noteworthy at the Opry series. Visit opry.com for more information. © ℗ 2012 Grand Ole Opry, LLC

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Loretta Lynn and Trace Adkins - "Lead Me On" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry



3 years ago

Chris Voshell

Wow miss Loretta Lynn still sounds I'm amazing

3 years ago


good job, but it sure made me miss Conway Even more..Trace is killer too

3 years ago

Michael De Ponte

Wow 53 years ago loretta became an opry member 1962 but 55 years ago today 1960 honky tok girl was her first song one of the last true legends charging into almost 6 decades before there was Tammy Dolly Connie there was Loretta Jean shepard Kitty Wells And Patsy cline those 4 Ladys paved the way for the rest 

3 years ago

nelmyr monteiro

time passes

3 years ago

Brenda Lindsey

WOW! !!! Really enjoyed Loretta. I remember that song from childhood. 

3 years ago

Jeanie Scheirer

She well always take place of country this what country all about! she can really sing even today.

3 years ago


hey, he's not bad at singing a real song, who'd a thunk it

3 years ago

Kathy McClain

Never noticed before-Loretta kinda chuckled when that deep voice came out!!!

3 years ago

Donna Boston


3 years ago


I just love this song and Trace and his deep voice

3 years ago

Daphne Sena

This is awesome. 

4 years ago

david johnson

dang! that was bad azz.

4 years ago

Sarah W

Loretta is perfect, but trace is a drunken fool

4 years ago

Hazel Fuerst

Much appreciated, by the best!

4 years ago

finbar callan

Great song, great singer's, country music still the best. Well done Loretta and Trace.

4 years ago


Love this , Loretta is the Queen.......

4 years ago

Lee Johnson

When I was in Nashville, in 1972, I went into Loretta Lyn's Publishing Company. I saw Loretta Lyn. She was dressed in some Skin Tight Jeans, and wearing something that showed her breast, quite Well. Loretta saw me. She Smiled and Said, "Hi."I was trying to sell one of the few songs I wrote, that has words. I thought it would be a good Loretta Lyn Song. However, the man who Loretta hired to run her publishing company said, "I don't think your song, has Commercial Value." He was of course wrong, but I'm sure he turned down other Good Songs, also.It was great to see Loretta Lyn, and have her say, "Hello," to me. Loretta was very sexy, and she had a Great Body when she was younger, in 1972. However, on stage, in 1972, Country Music Female Singers could not dress in a sexual manner on Stage. Now a Female Country Singer cannot make it in Country Music unless they are Sexy. Loretta Lyn has so much Music Talent that she did not need Sex, to sell her Music.

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