Lil Scrappy - Addicted To Money ft. Ludacris video free download

Duration: 05:18
Uploaded: 2009/11/24

Music video by Lil Scrappy performing Addicted To Money. (C) 2009 DTP Records, LLC


3 years ago

Darius Willams

My shit....I'm really addicted to money!!! #luda verse tho

3 years ago

Muange, Elvis

say no more....

3 years ago

The Hazel Raven

Great song! Especially because i love money and I'm addicted to it!!

3 years ago


Fucking censored ? Pussy dirty word ?

3 years ago

Ryan Riley

Lil Scrappy is Life!

3 years ago

James Ford

Like Monica Lewinsky keep your head up high? wtf does that mean?

3 years ago

Gabriel TheDon

damn this track takes me back to high school. giving me nostalgia

3 years ago

Nate Holmes

like a boss

4 years ago

Berk Tintin

Lil scrappyyy

4 years ago

Adrian Gawłowski

kto od Buczera ?? 

4 years ago


Fuck Capitalism!

4 years ago

Brady Holt

Fuckin haters, this song is legit.....

4 years ago

Dillon Rust

Lil Scrappy more like a Lil shitty, Ludacris was the only 30 good seconds of this song

4 years ago

Robert Love

Brain washing at its best. 

4 years ago

Ruben Diaz

Rendezvoedoo your a hoot

4 years ago

King Mohamed VI

this came in 09? why havent i heard it

4 years ago

НиколинА АрсовА

I('m addicted to money ;)

4 years ago


Damn, wthells??? I get the whole money thing but somethings are priceless like friends and fam." Education is the strongest basis to any long last foundation!

4 years ago

don caplan

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4 years ago


/watch?v=cWUDoHZr6Uw look this, polish version

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