Kylie Minogue - Wouldn't Change A Thing video free download

Duration: 03:12
Uploaded: 2010/10/08

Music video by Kylie Minogue performing Wouldn't Change A Thing. (C) 1989 Mushroom Records, a unit of Warner Bros. Records


[x5:] I-I-I I wouldn't change


Some people don't understand

What I see in you

If only they knew

They think my head's in the sand

They'll never see

The best side of you

Is my heart ruling my mind

Maybe I'm not right every time

But I know I'm right about this love of mine


If I had to do it all again

I wouldn't change a single thing

There's no questioning in my heart

When it comes to our love

I wouldn't change a thing


Yeah, I've had my doubts

My ups and downs

On the merry-go-round

They say my heads in the cloud

But I'm keeping one

Foot on the ground

I know they say love is blind

But he's the best thing that happened to me

And I'm not ashamed for the world to see


[x4:] I-I-I I wouldn't change


Is my heart ruling my mind

Maybe I'm not right on every thing

But I know I'm right about this love of mine


[repeat & fade]


3 years ago


Kylie looked good here and at her best!! before life got to her, great to see some of the old faces again just re capture my youth, think I was about 10 when this came out, used to love this great but cheesy music, Rick Astley was my favourite out of this style of music, S.A.W and their Music Factory made some if not the best 80s music ever made

3 years ago


I wonder what happend to the four dancers ? Just curious .... :-)

3 years ago

goli danesh

اگر قرار بود همه چیز از اول تکرار بشه ، من هرگز چیزی رو‌تغییر نمیدادم ، بعضیا نمیدونن من در تو چی میبینم ،ای کاش میدونستن ، همه فکر میکنن من عقلمو رو از دست دادم ،هیچوقت خوبی های تو رو ندیدن ، آیا این قلبمه که به عقلم فرمان میده ؟شایدم همیشه حق با من نباشه ،ولی در مورد این عشق حق بامنه ،اگر قرار بود همه چیز از اول تکرار بشه ، کوچکترین تغییری در هیچ چیز نمیدادم ،هیچ سوالی تو قلبم باقی نمونده ،وقتی نوبت عشق میرسه ،دلم‌نمیخواد چیزی تغییر کنه ،شده در موردش شک کرده باشم ،حتی تو چرخ و فلک زندگی خیلی بالا و پایین شدم ،همه میگن من تو رویا هستم ،ولی من همیشه سر حرف خودم می مونم‌،میدونم، همه میگن عشق کوره ،ولی تو بهترین اتفاق زندگیم هستی ،برام مهم نیست که دنیا اینو بدونه ،اگر قرار بود همه چیز از اول تکرار بشه ،هرگز چیزی رو تغییر نمیدادم ...#Kylie_Minogue170

3 years ago

He Wi

Damn Kylie is good.Am missing the SAW days when most music sounded alike :-)

3 years ago


I was 11 when I first heard this, I thought she was the best since sliced bread :)

3 years ago


Dammit when is the time Machine gonna be ready?? I need to go BACK

3 years ago

Reuben Pillay

Omg . This bring back my youth. I loved every song of Kylie's

3 years ago

Kelly Potter

I was 8 when this came out and Kylie was my hero. I loved her! 

3 years ago

TopMusique80 meilleur de sa forme

3 years ago

Peter Hayes

I got so far through the 90s and realised just how great the 80s was for music!! Ive stepped back into the 70s and some was just great but nearly every song that hit the charts in the 80s was simply amazing!! A shame things snowballed after that!!

3 years ago

Mars Bars

I dont know how i ended up here

3 years ago

tony mcgrath

Kylie -i know, i know, and i don't care, i loved Kylie back in the 80s and I'm not ashamed to admit it either. Good on you girl 

3 years ago

Emily James

I´ve always loved this song and video!!

3 years ago

Me Shell

25 YEars later me eoither

3 years ago

Jessik Lopez

she´s sooooo cute

3 years ago

mike g

bring it on kylie

3 years ago

R Wright

That cute little dog is most likely dead by now. Sorry to spoil the rest of the video for you...

3 years ago

nao fuji

I was homesick and moved.

3 years ago

Jirka žak

Wouldn't Change A Thing So this was and is still Stone 100 years

3 years ago

Mark Gibbson

Taylor Swift has to copy the REAL thing.

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