King Diamond - Eye of the Witch video free download

Duration: 03:47
Uploaded: 2014/05/29

Band: King Diamond

Song: Eye of the Witch

Album: The Eye

Year: October 30th, 1990



King Diamond - Vocals

Snowy Shaw - Drums

Hal Patino - Bass

Pete Blakk - Guitars (lead)

Andy LaRocque - Guitars (lead)



It's so cold inside on this summer's night

Black clouds in the sky dancing before my eyes

I'm losing track of time

It's the eye of the witch

It's the eye of the witch

Thunder bring the rain, penetrate my brain

I am no more the same, that special night has come again

Losing track of time

It's the eye of the witch

The eye.. the eye.. the eye

Another glass of wine to heat the blood of mine

And as I look inside the necklace called "The Eye"

I'm going back in time

It's the eye of the witch

It's the eye of the witch

The eye.. the eye.. the eye


3 years ago

Krystal Harwood

give us theee eyyye!

3 years ago

adam brake

Kings greatest...

3 years ago

joku joku

This song is one pearl KD, King Diamond is world best horror metal band, not the best band, led zeppelin is the best

3 years ago


Saw Him in Kitchener with Megadeth in the late 80's Blew the Place apart! Fucking awesome!

3 years ago

Riku Perhoniemi

IMO the best by the KING, no filler at all!!

3 years ago


I love the part when it speeds up...:-)

3 years ago


This is great, but my favorite song from this album is "behind these walls". King's vocals are unbeatable.

3 years ago

Thrashers Unite

My first KD purchase. Kills on all levels!

3 years ago

Marrow Folsom

My dad raised me on King Diamond and Dimmu Borgir. I appreciate him.

3 years ago

Martha Stam

i love this band at school time....long ago!!!

3 years ago

Lawrence Lepes

Great song

3 years ago

undergroundchurch yves

quelle vieux souvenir hail the king hell yyeeaahh !!

3 years ago

Dominic Jett

He's really good live.

3 years ago


Why did I wait for so long to listen to this? I always put great bands on the back burner. I think I've learned my lesson. 

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