Josie, light a fire - Emma-Louise video free download

Duration: 05:15
Uploaded: 2011/06/27


4 years ago

Akash Dhar

Please make all of these songs into an album dear... ure voice texture is so beautiful

5 years ago

Lena Neumann

3 passionate

6 years ago

Wes Davey


7 years ago


haven't seen someone that passionate about their music in a while

7 years ago

Bobby Dazla

Thank you so much. You are amazing, Can't wait to see what else you create. Mad love

7 years ago

RYMS Corporation Sdn Bhd

luv ur voice & cute face.. :)) wishing u all the success ahead!!

7 years ago

Andrew M

Thanks for re-upping this with the sound turned up :) Intoxicating is the right word.

7 years ago


@penuts7 lol. A yes, Can I trade those in for a download of this song? Otherwise what do internet points go for these days? :-p

7 years ago


Beautiful song. If this were thirty years ago, you'd be signed to a major label and they'd make you rich and famous. I don't wish that on anyone necessarily. Fame seems as much a burden as a blessing. I can just see the multitudes of young hopefuls becoming infatuated with the stories you weave. You remind me a lot of Jeff Buckley. That is probably the biggest compliment I could give. I don't think there has been a talent as unique since he passed away. Keep them coming. You're intoxicating.

7 years ago

mnml kid

Ah I love your music <3

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