John Wesley - Silver - Under the Red and White Sky video free download

Duration: 03:45
Uploaded: 2011/02/03

Silver by John Wesley, from the album, Under the Red and White Sky

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Silver has a gun

on the nightstand by her bed

and she wonders if the day will come

when she puts it to her head

And she is alone again

in the shadow of the morning sun

and she wonders if he really had to go

or did he just turn tail and run

He promised that he would come

but she don't wait by the phone

because they never call and they never come

and she just ends up alone

And as the end of the night comes

when that curtain starts to fall

she says you can be the one for me

when you take it take it all

Just say hiegh ho Silver

when you ride when you ride

when you take me take it all from me

just stay with me tonight

don't leave me alone tonight


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