Joan Baez - The Ballad of Sacco & Vanzetti video free download

Duration: 03:06
Uploaded: 2009/12/19

Joan Baez performed this fantastic song in San Francisco. Can't remember the date :-(


3 years ago

Pascal Monerie

une voie inoubliable.

3 years ago

marcello mariotti

dedicato a chi ha ancora fiducia di un futuro migliore e senza americani fra le palle

3 years ago

carlos manuel Correia

ENORME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mais nada!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Lorraine Ashby

Blessed is the peacemaker - what a wonderful voice - I love Joan Baez for she has a god given gift and she uses it to champion the plight of the those that suffer and have suffered. Having a talent is not what makes a person remarkable but what you choose to do with that talent........thank you Babyblue177 for this special video ~ Lorraine :)

3 years ago

Osmar Z. G. Portugal FH

Grazie mille, Babyblue

3 years ago

Josette Bertrand


3 years ago



3 years ago

kim peace

.. .. .. dedicated to Norberto Gonzales Claudio a political prisoner in USA jail . His only crime the fight and belief in the Freedom of Puerto Rico . Freedom for Norberto !

3 years ago

Robert Andrews

Sacco e Vanzetti due italiani condannati ingiustamente perché anarchici, se restavano in Italia avrebbero potuto vivere.

3 years ago

Antonella Bianca bis


3 years ago

Luis Tej

Actualizado el 19/12/2009Joan Baez realizó esta canción fantástica en San Francisco. No puedo recordar la fecha:-(

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