Green Day - 21 Guns [Cast Version] (Video) video free download

Duration: 05:07
Uploaded: 2010/02/02

"21 Guns" by Green Day, cast version from Broadway Musical

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3 years ago


This ist best

3 years ago

Aviari Cell

I like this song

3 years ago

Abelol Puma

Bill donde estas ya no ases musica yo creí en ti soy de un país pobre e llama bolivia

3 years ago

Brown Chucky 98

This exact version of the song was soposed to be played for mine and my churches play for our pastors testimonial #FreedomChristianCenter#PastorJasonLozano

3 years ago



3 years ago

Marco Antonio Soto Arriaza

Que buen cover!

3 years ago

Tyas Eyjafjallajokull

*Green Day - 21 Guns [Cast Version]*

3 years ago

Nikolina Nina

Whats her name? She have beautiful voice!

3 years ago


There are two types of people in this world. People who wish they could sing like that girl in the beginning, and fucking liars.

3 years ago


Billie is Just The Best hands down

3 years ago


This makes me happy.

3 years ago

Per Mayntzhusen

I love the engagement from the blonde girl at 3:49, 3:55 and 4:07 and more

3 years ago

Hardik Sthapak

who is the lady singer in this video??

3 years ago

will know

i can feel a very strong cohesion among u guys that made my tear down, thanks.

3 years ago

Scarlett Oakenshield

+Sarah PolarBear like this cover sis

3 years ago

Virginia Marie

Never get bored of this song.....

3 years ago

Nick Kcin

201 Guns

3 years ago


- "Beautiful, beautiful, yeap, do it again".- Haha (Are you f****ng kidding me?!)xD

3 years ago

emmelien bergmans

Wow, just wow!

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