GLEE - Don't Speak (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) video free download

Duration: 02:11
Uploaded: 2013/07/22

GLEE - Full Performance of Don't Speak.

Sung by: Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith (R.I.P.), Rachel Berry/Lea Michele, Blaine Anderson/Darren Criss and Kurt Hummel/Chris Colfer.

From 4x04 (The Break-Up).


3 years ago

Beatriz Kiss

I Love.. music perfect ♡♡

3 years ago

virginia Boxer

Makes me cry every time

3 years ago

Pinxit Jabi

I love No Doubt and Glee... But in my opinion, they really ruined this song in EVERY sense. The context and their voices weren't for Don't Speak. Mostly Lea's... Her voice makes me cringe in this one. :(

3 years ago

Britany Madden

This my song if I get in fights with someone 

3 years ago

Deborah THOMAS

Merveilleux quatuor et une superbe reprise

3 years ago

Markétt Fialová

love it! ♥

3 years ago

Jessica Beshires

Shut up I love this song and I so feed up with everybody talking about Lea

3 years ago

Dana Young

I stopped settling for Klaine after this episode. Ever since Adam stepped into Glee, Kadam has been my OTP.

3 years ago

Alejandra Rivas

This makes me cry 

3 years ago

sophia dollar

I can't believe rachel picked brody the horse over finn that was so disgusting 

3 years ago

Lucia Sierra


3 years ago

Luis Rodriguez

Blaine and Kurt are such a bad couple ;(

3 years ago

Guiilherme Siilva

Isso é musica para meus ouvidos :3

3 years ago

Julia Villa

its possible to fall in love with Rachel every time I see this?

3 years ago

josh ulloa

I do not know why Rachel cheated on Finn

3 years ago

Kristin Farquhar F

The dead

3 years ago


they are really good singers. but when they break up it is so sad. one of the times when they broke up it made me cry.

3 years ago

ruth wiertsema

Where have the klainebows gone?

3 years ago


Best song of the show <3

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