George Lynch and Kelly Hansen - Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions Cover) video free download

Duration: 04:41
Uploaded: 2008/10/07

Here is a great cover of the song. George Lynch's solo album "Scorpion Tales." Kelly Hansen sings.


3 years ago

Scott Quick

Not Don Dokken, Kelly doesn't sound good but he's great with Hurricane!

4 years ago

James Motley

Whoever mixed this f*d it up. The lead guitar is way in the background and for this song, especially, the lead needs to be in your face like it was in the original. Big fan of George but this one missed the mark!

4 years ago


Kelly voice is no where as good as scorpions. George is great. Kelly needs to stay with love ballads. Lol

5 years ago

nick simos


5 years ago


Jake E. Lee on rythmin guitar *-*

5 years ago


You sir are an idiot!

5 years ago

Sly Sambora

Kelly Hansen's voice is sexy *_* He can Rock me all he wants !

5 years ago

Heavy 80tozo

la misma voz por siempte

5 years ago

Christopher Range

I tend to agree. This seems weak. Kelly Hansen's vocals are actually better than the Scorpions late lead vocalist.

6 years ago

Felicia Humanoid

sexy. as. hell. -.-

6 years ago


I agree with another guys comment. Great vocals as always from Kelly but Lynch's lead work sort of said nothin. Maybe he didn't want to copy their melodies but then he didn't offer much of an alternative.

6 years ago


Yeah better than all

6 years ago

Johnny Baby

Usually when George lynch makes a cover,it sounds better but i dont feel it in this one. as for kelly, he is heads up with Klaus in my opinion! awesome cover!

6 years ago


no one beats scorpions at their own songs =))

6 years ago


@kvhun no way:))

7 years ago


по-сути сыграли в точь-точь как Scorpions

7 years ago


@vitorgtr86 Michael Schenker i rest my case

7 years ago


Buena nachitooo no lo habia escuchado gracias por subirlo!!! Keebelen Rocker!!

7 years ago

Lou Spagnolo

Ok look for those of you NOT getting the message, its been REPEATED A 1,000 TIMES OVER, THIS SONG IS OFF OF GEORGE LYNCH'S:SCORPION TALES(scorpion songs covered by lynch on lead guitar, and KELLEY HANSEN:hurricane/foreigner lead vocalist there are i believe 10 songs on the album and i think all sung by 10 DIFFERENT LEAD VOCALISTS get it now?? Good lol

7 years ago


There's just a thing to say for you all..Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Mathias Jabbs, Herman Rarebell and Francis Bucholz The best formation of Scorpions and they Rules!!!

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