Foxygen - "Shuggie" (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:15
Uploaded: 2012/11/29

New Album "Foxygen...And Star Power" out now on CD/LP/Digital on Jagjaguwar.

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3 years ago

Cristina Resende


3 years ago

Günter Tauchner


3 years ago

Opaque Visions

"I seen your video the other day, that was weird."

3 years ago

Joseph Mcernan

Half this song sounds like a James Bond intro, half this song sounds like a shirty gap commercial. Really conflicted on this one...

3 years ago

Kevin Parker

oh my god 2:35

3 years ago

Jairo Castillo

I wish I could forget this song so I could listen to it like if it was the first time again

3 years ago

Irwin Melendez

lol this music vid kinda sucks

3 years ago

Chris Rusch

It's like the Beatles and MGMT

3 years ago


But you don't love me, that's news to me

3 years ago

Briñez Con Z

the song is great :)the video is sucks :(

3 years ago

Kristin Rodriguez


3 years ago

Luis Urtaza

heard this at Chipotle...had to shazam

3 years ago

Fran Citron


3 years ago

Marquinhos Fernandes

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Jose Govea

wow, i thank this band for reviving my experimental taste to music 

3 years ago


this is so great song :) <3 but what this pv means? lol so weird lol

3 years ago

Mary J B Here

Music pic for tonight! ♥

3 years ago

Mr. Wandsworth

That's my chocolate pudding you're eating!

3 years ago

Mandy Sullivan

This reminds me a lot of portugal the man for some reason 

3 years ago

Serge Deb


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