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Duration: 03:45
Uploaded: 2013/11/05

"Bad Girls Club" by Falling In Reverse from the album 'Fashionably Late,' out now!

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I met a girl and I really thought she liked me

I truly thought that I had met the one

It was a fail, to no avail

I’m just another victim of the bad girls club

She’s like a witch casting spells hypnotizing

She made me drink a potion just to fall in love

She got me drunk, tipsy off her love

I’m just another victim of the bad girls club

She’s always blowing up my phone

I really wish that she'd leave me alone

I gotta change my number, hard for me to slumber

When she’s outside my home

She called the cops

And made it seem like I was mean

She’s not your average lady; she is fucking crazy

Spelled C-U-N-T

And after all the rise and fall

You’re not worth my time

I’m ca-ca callin’ it quits right now

This time your playing games and all

We do is fight, it’s getting lame

So olly olly olly oxen free

All the bad girls come cheer with me

Your love’s a drug; you’ve got me on the run

I’m just another victim of the bad girls club

I’m always paranoid

That she’s some how watching me

Follows me on twitter asking if I miss her


She Googles my name

Just to keep some tabs on me

She’s not your average lady

She is fucking crazy some one help me please


"Hey sexy boy I got you wrapped around my finger L.O.V.E really doesn’t mean much"

Your love is like a drug but it is not enough "gimme a B.A.D were the bad girls club



3 years ago

jezebel roskam

i was like this song is pretty amazing *andy comes by* BEST FALLING IN REVERSE CLIP EVER!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

jezebel roskam


3 years ago

Keeley Vampire

It's hard to believe Andy Biersack's in this, it's true though.

3 years ago

Deans Cakehole

The affects are just fab #setmefree

3 years ago

Mackenzie Elizabeth

stop looking at andy trace cyrus is there too

3 years ago

Roxy Gonzalez


3 years ago

Adrienne Jackson

I had to stop when I saw Andy

3 years ago


Ronny must get one hell of a workout with all dem squats

3 years ago

Izaiya Beckett

I love this song l play it all the time

3 years ago

Keeley Vampire

The girly laugh at the end, kind of freaks me out, however the best song ever made. Love you Ronnie & Andy.

3 years ago

marshmallow panda

Omg u saw ANDY in it too Lol its at 1:03 +Alysse Benavides 

3 years ago

jazmin gillette

This video is amazing 

3 years ago

Brittany Coleman

Andy looks so hot with brown hair 

3 years ago

Kassidy Cooley

And when Ryan starts throwing the popcorn everywhere? That is a very precious moment

3 years ago

Kassidy Cooley

Can we just appreciate the moment when the girls start fighting and Ronnie just pulls his phone out and records it?

3 years ago

susan hannam

omg its andy i love him so much im a victom of the bad boys club

3 years ago

Dana Stephens

Andy Biersack is in here!!!! 2:14

3 years ago

Melissa Lang

I love this video it is funny and i loved that Andy Biersack was in it to he and Ronnie are Good friends

3 years ago

White Wolf

I didn't even notice Andy till I watched this for the third time

3 years ago

Anime Freak

Man andy biersack is just so fucking hot <3

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