Everytime - Britney Spears - With Lyrics video free download

Duration: 04:25
Uploaded: 2008/10/08

This is my first video,so apologies if it's a bit crap x

But im quite proud =] x




4 years ago

Norma Bantas

my baby Sarah Mina Bantas born on December 13,2011....

4 years ago

dikdik priatna

Suka pake banget....

4 years ago

bing nialla

i really love this song,,the best!

4 years ago

Artfred L

Why i always thinking you...not you britney,,oops

4 years ago

Alexandra Brzezinska

Magnifique chanson et très belle voix et sa voix est douce à Britney j'apprécie beaucoup sa voix.

4 years ago

natsu lucy

this is really beautiful <3

4 years ago

Christine Pathmanathan

Listen to JT'S " big ol' pair of wings" hmm. Love JT and brit since the 90's

4 years ago

Christina Alvarez

Baby, come back!! I dedicate this to my SoulMate, My BestFriend, My 1st and Only Love...My EVERYTHING...Christina&Michael♥ The Magic Conch said we could get married OK...

4 years ago

Tony Broxson

BRITNEY SPEARS darling we need each other more so now than ever before ,!Please baby dont make wait any longer I need you safe in my arms where I can get me some of that sweet sugar as often as I like and your lemon drops as often as you will allow me to manufacture them!0n duty for you 24/7 :-) Just say the word and I ll begin to heat the oven I promise!I can stand the heat too! :-) yes _that would be nice to hold you honey thats for real pleasr schedule a plane and cum here ,get me and I will cum with u ! :-) That would be fantastic love I babe!, :-) from Tracy Broxson

4 years ago

ay kay

She has never seemed as happy as she was when she was with JT

4 years ago

casey gray

so this is the song that was in a video i saw a while back. huh. i like it

4 years ago

Berliza Tang

Since then I love this Song so much...

4 years ago

Derek Law

各位親愛的好友晚安! ^_^Everytime - Britney Spears - With Lyrics

4 years ago

Edith Jacobo

4 years ago

Emmanuelle De Grave


4 years ago

Sophiee Li

havent heard this in ages hegioeivgohrg *^*

4 years ago

them0dernlife ______

This is really underrated 

4 years ago


I hope God forgive me and i want my boyfriend smiles at me all time.

4 years ago

Miraluna Amarga

yes, nice song. Mira., Tagbalogo, Naawan Misamis Oriental, 9023. Philippines.

4 years ago

stéphanie RICHARD

baby lol XD

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