Drunk off your love - shwayze and cisco video free download

Duration: 03:53
Uploaded: 2011/08/19

New Single off their upcoming album island in the sun


5 years ago

sonam yangki

This song reminds me of most memorable things that I ever did. LOVE from BHUTAN. 

6 years ago

killa dakine

dat one jamaican dude thinkin "dis i like"...

6 years ago

Eric Cornelius

25,000 views and 7 comments. And 110 likes.

6 years ago

Nick Furillo

I'm too high to comprehend

6 years ago


anyone think the singer sounds like the singer from coldplay?

8 years ago

Arthur Schneider

fucks up my eyes watchig the video stoned

8 years ago


Shwayze is the best .

8 years ago



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