DJ Sava feat. Faydee - Love in DUBAI (Official Video) by Rappin'On Production video free download

Duration: 03:26
Uploaded: 2016/05/05

DJ Sava feat. Faydee - Love In Dubai (Official Video) by Rappin'On Production for Cat Music

Romania's #1 ♫Music Channel:

Music: Mihalache Stefan, Faydee Fatrouni, Tudor George

Lyrics: Mihalache Stefan, Mike Obinna Chigbundu

Instrumental: Florin Buzea, Sava Constantin, Alex Cotoi, Razvan Matache

Executive Producer: DJ Sava

Video Production: Ador Media

Directed by Alex Ceausu

Mix & Mastering : Sergiu Musteata

Cat Music is the main player in the Romanian music industry, representing some of the most influential and successful artists from Romania, for the past 20 years. Cat Music's portfolio includes phenomenal bands and artists, who wrote and keep on writing the music history in Romania.

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2 years ago

Floriza Roumie

i met faydee i swear

2 years ago

Don Pablo Pelikan

Fajne to jest

2 years ago


FIFA 18 plsssNice song :)

2 years ago

gigo shanava


2 years ago

Bartosz Walacik

my Poland

2 years ago

Gianni Crisan

Yeeeeee! Love in Dubai

2 years ago

İstanbul Taşçı


2 years ago


WTF...this is disgusting!

2 years ago


how can he find love with that hair?

2 years ago

Pancan Gino

love in de_inferno

2 years ago

Taner Kse

Love in Turkey

2 years ago


White power

2 years ago

Asalah AL-salahi

Love in Yemen

2 years ago

Vahid Rustemov

bombaaaa Love in B A K U

2 years ago


wana take my love with me & have same love @dubai with this love with LOVE IN DUBAI

2 years ago

Iuliana Valentina

Very nice song FAYDEE i love you so much

2 years ago

Menderes Dursun

this so good

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