Destiny's Child - Temptation video free download

Duration: 04:08
Uploaded: 2011/11/24

Artist: Destiny's Child

Song: Temptation

Album: The Writings On The Wall


3 years ago


So hood so raw. I know bey still Htown till the death of her we'll see this type of soul again yall dw, our black artists didn't sell out they just needed to get that mass appeal to run the game. You gotta be apart of the system to overthrow it. Bey and Jay at the top, nicki and meek, kendrick, all of them bout to get us our reparations forreal lmao 

3 years ago


I love this song. I so wish that the original Destiny's Child would've worked out. I was a big fan of the lineup with these girls. It wasn't the same for me after LeToya and LaTavia left the group.

3 years ago

Rahkevia Nash

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Jojo Taupau

Omg !! Memories

3 years ago

Randal Williams

Dwayne Wiggins did the damn thing on this cut!!

3 years ago


lead me into temptation 

3 years ago

Imani Jones

This song is life

3 years ago

Ladi Like

born in 91...90s babies appriciate this shit.

3 years ago

Courtney Gordon

Love it

3 years ago

Amber Starr

My all-time favorite from Destiny's Child.

3 years ago

Alanna tia

my mum bought this album in '99 for christmas! +carribeanfro M my fav song on it 

3 years ago

Eddie Allen

Beyonce need to come back to her roots (R&b) Cause this song jams even in 2015

3 years ago

Shayna Bethea

Love this song always DC 4_Eva!!!

3 years ago

deja davis


3 years ago

Kevin Allen

Never heard Latavia and Letoya sing only Kelly and Beyonce

3 years ago

Yara Duarte

Love ♥

3 years ago

Miss Tiff

Temptation is calling papi wanting you so bad I could cry

3 years ago


that guitar though....

3 years ago

Jé Be

He engaged now....but dammit I'd be lying if I said I didn't still need it ! LOL See breaks in communication can suck. Is it really cheating if something has been in the works and just didn't align to manifest? ....Next time I get married, I won't say I DO or YES to an engagement if I have ANY pending LUST or shall I say physical inquiries'still to complete they MUST be non existent for true love to flourish and commitment at the monogamous level . I am loyal to a fault so if I am committed to YOU then there is absolutely no one ELSE, ....I can't say that if I got thoughts and temptations for another......zzzzzzz'' You do realize the moment you think something, you have already done it? We gt folk walking around here, not knowing they been taken advantage of n shit cause another person slept with them without their consent. The mind is powerful and wielding! So I say go after what you want and to hell with what anybody gotta say. 

3 years ago

Mark hunter Suck dicks

Great song 

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