Delain - Where Is the Blood (feat. Burton C. Bell) video free download

Duration: 03:18
Uploaded: 2012/05/26

Mother Machine by Delain

From the album "We Are The Others" (2012)

Charlotte Wessels - Vocals

Martijn Westerholt - Keyboards

Sander Zoer - Drums

Otto van der Oije - Bass

Timo Somers - Lead Guitar


4 years ago

Maryama Farah

CensorI hurtI'm hurtHurtingMe was too easy, I let youBecause I protect youI keep itI'll be more careful, too honest in my enthusiasm.I'll stopLogically shutting down the parts of meSee,I take cuesWhen I would've reached out my handI remember to check myself.I'm still learningTo know what you don'tPack the bruises with a little more iceMy dear heart

4 years ago

Mundo Darkness

Delain - Where Is the Blood (feat. Burton C. Bell)

4 years ago

Alex Rivet

Guauu excelente .. una joya..

5 years ago

Iga Wiśniewska

Amenity is the best :P

5 years ago


Anything with Burton C. Bell in it owns by definition. :)

6 years ago

Rottenn Jonny

You are absolutely right! Thats the first thing I thought - this sounds like "Closer" and "Our Truth" - :)

6 years ago


love the song, love Charlotte

6 years ago


A Dexter music video would be good with this song lol.

6 years ago


Comming from a musician. "If I hurt you so much, then where's the blood?" Is one of the best lines I've ever heard in a song.

6 years ago


I love this band and really cool music ^^

6 years ago

Nicholas Lawlor

Every band does tracks that people don't like, yet Delain has yet to do a track I don't like, some are better, but so far they have done no bad tracks.

6 years ago

Grey Squirrel

I like the song a lot, but just as an off topic question; why is your name whale, but your pic is of a walrus?

6 years ago


Um is backwars..This one is good,April Rain was great and Lucidity is the best!!! -)

6 years ago

Joerian droog

Lucidity was good, April Rain was better and We are the others is the best

6 years ago


Burton C. Bell 4 the Win!

6 years ago

Jessica Versluis

So i guess i wasn't the only one who noticed! :)

6 years ago

Shu Hong

Yeah I agree. Nothing new. Every time when a new album comes out, there bound to be some guys who loses their passion, happened to within temptation as well in 2011. Anyway I still like this album.

6 years ago

Ewa M.

there are no words to say how beautiful is this song

6 years ago

Kate Kelleher

thought he might be >.>

6 years ago


All his comments on previous videos are negatives things. I think he's just a hater.

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