Deborah Cox - Hurt So Much video free download

Duration: 05:05
Uploaded: 2007/06/23

Deborah Cox - Hurt so much. from Her album "the morning after" 2002. The video is made by me - ikamp3 - as i remember in Sweden, 2006. forgot to upload it earlier. I am huge fan of Deborah cox - i am from Tbilisi, Georgia. Enjoy video and i looking forward for replay's.


3 years ago

Catface Dasher

Still one of my favorites,year's later....

4 years ago

Ann Marie Byron

I grew up with these songs lovely meaningful and real

4 years ago

atlsong byrd

This was the best song I ever heard! What movie was this form?

4 years ago

Phat Cutie

Especially when it continually happens by the same someone

4 years ago

Precious Lu Bitz

That moment you think everything will be alright.... things come falling apart.....!

4 years ago

Luana Amor

It hurts, but you learn to survive and not let it go but let it lay where it lay....and if it's meant it will work out but don't hold your life up for it, and don't make no serious life decisons until you know its over...such as having kids and getting married......that's life so we got to deal with it!

4 years ago

Taneisha Mclean

never know that love could hurt so bad.... its a awful feeling when the heart feels nothing but pain and sadness... I can so relate to this song...

4 years ago

katelyn glover

It can hurt.. I broke up with my ex whom I dated for a little over a year. I just wasn't happy anymore, he wasn't a terrible person but he became this person that I didn't know anymore & he had selfish ways, I felt like I was giving more than I was receiving. Now he knows he should've been better to me, but I held on longer than I should have, I'll always have love for him but I can't go back. Sometimes you have to move forward even if it's not easy, now I'm in a happy place. I'm smiling again like I use to, just like seasons come & go, so do the people in our lives & I've learned that.

4 years ago

Lillian Sotelo

yup love hurts

4 years ago

Makhosazana Makhubu

she's super talented...lov her music so much

4 years ago


I don't care what people say......Love hurts !! soooooo much

4 years ago

maurice smith

I'm almost forgot about this song, she tore the mess out of this!

4 years ago

rod standard

My second bm.

4 years ago

Kiki Heart

I'm going through this. I never knew love would hurt this much and he already moved on. I hate being alone but all I want is him and he could care less. I'm sad a lot.

4 years ago

Ja'Mel Brewster

Y she stop making music

4 years ago

Cedric Joseph

I like it.

5 years ago

Shateka Whitfield

Drowning my feelings in music

5 years ago

cindy khanyile

want to know the movie playing here plz help ayone

5 years ago

Katlego Kg

yessis now thats powerfull

5 years ago

Adelaida Cardona

Love this song #lessons

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