David Bowie - Life On Mars? video free download

Duration: 04:02
Uploaded: 2009/02/28

Music video by David Bowie performing Life On Mars?. Taken from the album 'Heroes'

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3 years ago

Ahlam Mustafa

الآن أنت مسلم

3 years ago

Jorge Guzman

this guy is epic love you david

3 years ago

Death Potato

at first I thought he said "look at those gay men go" and I was like "what? woah... harsh man", but then it was "cave men" wasn't it?

3 years ago

Kadesh Le Morte

So what is this song about?

3 years ago

Mathieu Guillon

quelle merveille toute une ambiance formidable!! =)

3 years ago

An telwi

Yeaaaah! I'm the 70.000th to hit LIKE!

3 years ago


I'm sorry Bowie faggie fans but this is the true: JESSICA LANGE > Bowie shit.Don't cry.Bye

3 years ago

mike s

good song but looks like a transvestite

3 years ago

Sean McCloat

So I mean.... what the hell is this song about?

3 years ago


Sailors fighting in the DANCE hall

3 years ago



3 years ago

Pagan Pamela

What a huge Honor that Jessica Lange Lange this in A.M.S. : FreakShow

3 years ago

Sajid Cains

When was this off the album 'Heroes' ?. Hardly from the Berlin period. Hunky Dory to be precise.

3 years ago

Darly Souza

I just love this song.

3 years ago


Fakery, unoriginality, banality and the love of it is alive and well. These AHS twats are probably the same ignorant loons who thought Glee did the original 'Don't Stop Believing'. Good Gawd almighty, get yourself educated before barging onto this video making an idiot of yourselves. In any case the best cover of this great song is by the dark haired ABBA singer, Frida. It's forty years old itself and in Swedish but she's a proper singer, has some pipes on her and fairly knocks it out of the park. But Bowie is a one off.

3 years ago

Carmen Quesada Amaro

3 years ago

chawney lashley

The definition of a great song, the best songs, is one that can survive any performance or interpretation. Bowies is wonderful langes with the combination of her character and the set was wonderful in its own different way.so bravo to both now yall hush and enjoy or go away

3 years ago

jury Quinto

I think Patrick Stump's (Fall Out Boy) version is better than Lange's or even the original. It is more powerful and emotional. But tha's just my opinion

3 years ago

Merrisa Daq

Listen, Jessica Lange isn't even a singer! You could say all you want about her version being better than David Bowie's song, but what evidence do you have? His original song is better than Jessica Lange's version of Life On Mars, but I would love to read someone's comment "proving" that her version is better.

3 years ago

Night Oléy

I love this song 

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