Charli XCX - Boom Clap (Live 2014) video free download

Duration: 03:03
Uploaded: 2014/09/05

Live 04.09.2014 im Deutschen Radiopreis 2014

I do not own the song, it belongs to its rightful owners


5 months ago

Kenneth Jara

she's so hot ♥️

6 months ago


カメラワーク以外は素晴らしい。Boom clapの時のアップクローズは不要

7 months ago

Yasser Valdivia

She definitely can sing without auto tune

7 months ago

Bella Hernandez

se oye feo

8 months ago

Fernanda Jepsen

8 months ago

Yendo Lam


10 months ago

Candys Steininger

Sehr gut wie ald bist du????

11 months ago


She sound great!! Unexpected! Young talent!!

11 months ago

Dwy Maya

She looks like selena in this video

1 year ago

Rosa Lie

German Event ..

1 year ago



1 year ago

S_Ann JB #Since2010

Her voice is perfect without Auto Tune....

1 year ago

Baren Ziah

charli looking sultry there, hot stuff

1 year ago

Rojesh Jangam

she so beautiful

1 year ago

Yuan Li

I love this song

1 year ago

Yuan Li

I love her song

1 year ago


she sounds fantastic live... Less than half of all bands actually sound close to their recordings and only a very small percentage of those Bands playing live can sound like the recordings they are trying to sell us...echosmith .. Skillet.. Moody Blues... Cure...all sound usually better than their recordings...and one of the greatest, record perfect, live entertainers/petformers is. DIDO.. AS OPPOSED TO THOSE THAT SUCK LIVE LIKE-The Rolling Stones...they sound like a horrible garage bandGuns and Roses...Charli live is pretty damned good she is a fuck of lot better than all you Haters who think you actually know something about music who cant sing for shit cant write a song and the only instrument you play is the Bone-a-fone or Hardonica and you actually think your opinion has worldly influence...Most humans are sick "Mental Retards" all you are and see is negative and hatefull you are a disease

1 year ago

Children Garden

she is really so sweet

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