Casey James - Mrs. Robinson Studio Version American Idol 9 Top 4 video free download

Duration: 03:28
Uploaded: 2010/05/13

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Casey JAmes studio recording of Mrs. Robinson on American Idol 9 Top 4 Songs from the Movies Week ( full i tunes version)


Lee DeWyze Kiss From A Rose

Michael Lynche Will You Be There

Lee DeWyze & Crystal Bowersox Falling Slowly

Casey James Mrs. Robinson

Crystal Bowersox Im Alright

Casey James & Michael Lynche Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

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6 years ago

abigail Fischer

Bettter than the original

7 years ago

Billy Mays

Grreat cover.

7 years ago

Detritus of a Writer

He wasn't kicked off. He received the least ammount of votes for the third last week, thus was unable to enter the next round.

7 years ago

Jamie R

Aw, this cover used to be one of my favorite songs around the time he was on AI. Good memories (:

7 years ago

david ridley

the reason they kicked him off is because there was a thing between what's her name and casey.for some reason they don't like those

8 years ago

Marty Baughman

Anyone know a website for mandolin tabs like this?

8 years ago

Sarah Cleveland

:) i <3 him!

8 years ago

jonald flores

i like to wake up to this music

8 years ago

Kathryn Davis

Mmmm. That's niiiiiice. (;

8 years ago


cant beat the original though its good

8 years ago

Horuss Zahhak

there's a new season of american idol out...and i'm still obsessed with this song.

8 years ago


I won't say its better than Simon and Garfunkel's original, but I will admit, its really, really, really good.

8 years ago

Suzanne Marie

@hazzer329 You sound much more credible when you don't call Casey James' fans 'stupid.' I for one grew up with Simon and Garfunkle, had all the albums, and think this version is equally as good as their version! Plus Casey James plays a mandolin in this version, and his string skills are amazing!

8 years ago

Rohanne C

As soon as I heard this song, I just knew it would be stuck in my head for a long long time.

8 years ago


This is the best version ive heard

9 years ago


I don't get it. This beats Lee Dewyze by a mile!

9 years ago


@Angel52462 uhh sorry but there is no such thing as the original, haha. sure he did an amazing job, but technically you can't do it better than the original =p

9 years ago

Othman Guennoun


9 years ago


To everyone who says that people from AI can't sing... TAKE THAT!

9 years ago


I have no clue why he didn't win! He plays a mean guitar,has soul ,a great voice and is very pleasing to the eyes !Here's to you mr Casey !

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