Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own video free download

Duration: 03:11
Uploaded: 2017/01/07

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1 year ago


still so beautiful to listen to ....:)

1 year ago

Zach Sharrad

He only know how to sing 1 song?

1 year ago

Lucre RB

Te amo

1 year ago

toyah bown

best song ever for my kirk Wharton love of my life died 1/7/16

1 year ago

Jenniffer Silva

su voz me hace erizar siempre

1 year ago

Jessica Cristine


1 year ago

Chri Si

Love this song so so much <3 my absolute Favorite

1 year ago

Pauline Sison

He is the only one that I keep on watching over and over again. His audition is perfect.

1 year ago

Emma Lynn

ahh i love him! more music please

1 year ago

Ana Maria Sousa

por que tenho que gosta tanto dessa música?! Vagamente ela está inundando meu coração de lágrimas.

1 year ago

Valentin Alex

Incredible performance and really good song.

1 year ago

Evan JS

amazing beautiful voice

1 year ago

kathy theriault

amazing calum i am so happy that i got the CD of this song when you only did 100 copies. been loving you from the beginning many blessings to you calum

1 year ago

Anastasia Ragazzia

such a beautiful soul

1 year ago

HyukJae Yoo

like the piano variation!!

1 year ago

kevin muamar

the type of his singing voice..... ugh❤️❤️❤️❤️

1 year ago

Stuart Norcross

Goosebumps ❤️ your voice keep up the amazing work Scott

1 year ago

Aleksandar Babic

He really needs to record something else

1 year ago

keep dreaming!

wow...i love him since he audation in x factor..

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