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Duration: 02:58
Uploaded: 2014/08/19

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10 months ago

Neha Abdulazim

Boom clap! The sound of this song! The beat Makes ha-ha-happy!

10 months ago

Negative positive

I've been looking for this song for years.

11 months ago

Hair Tutorials

I ❤this song

1 year ago

Ed Brown

This song stirs me down to my soul it moves me sensually

1 year ago

vinod kumar

Very nice song

1 year ago

Ebonny Taylor

Biggest thumbs up I can not belive it Charles

1 year ago

Gamerz Girl93

Nice job on the lyrics

1 year ago

Quinlins lps blessings

That pose thoe....So gorge

1 year ago

Bryan McHugh

hey ....does anybody know whatever happened to this amazingly talented hotter than a rifle shot Charli XCX chick? Is she just chilling living the I assume extremely good life now that she has made Azalea a millionaire? Charli XCX, TOVE LO(yes missus heartbroken sexypants herself)and one or two other female voices came along over the last 4 years specifically that just hit, hit HARD when they did hit, and then vanished?

1 year ago

123 EXOGAMING Gaming

This song should be in the top songs

1 year ago

Agueda Sanchez

me gusta esta música

1 year ago

Richi Wheeler

<3 <3

1 year ago

Kamal thapa

soo good

1 year ago

Maja Stanczewska

100. Maja. ❇♠♣

1 year ago

Julia Louzada

uma bosta

1 year ago

Paul Palmer

I love it it is amazing

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