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Duration: 02:58
Uploaded: 2014/08/19

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7 months ago

Neha Abdulazim

Boom clap! The sound of this song! The beat Makes ha-ha-happy!

7 months ago

Negative positive

I've been looking for this song for years.

8 months ago

Hair Tutorials

I ❤this song

9 months ago

Ed Brown

This song stirs me down to my soul it moves me sensually

10 months ago

vinod kumar

Very nice song

11 months ago

Ebonny Taylor

Biggest thumbs up I can not belive it Charles

1 year ago

Gamerz Girl93

Nice job on the lyrics

1 year ago

Quinlins lps blessings

That pose thoe....So gorge

1 year ago

Bryan McHugh

hey ....does anybody know whatever happened to this amazingly talented hotter than a rifle shot Charli XCX chick? Is she just chilling living the I assume extremely good life now that she has made Azalea a millionaire? Charli XCX, TOVE LO(yes missus heartbroken sexypants herself)and one or two other female voices came along over the last 4 years specifically that just hit, hit HARD when they did hit, and then vanished?

1 year ago

123 EXOGAMING Gaming

This song should be in the top songs

1 year ago

Agueda Sanchez

me gusta esta música

1 year ago

Richi Wheeler

<3 <3

1 year ago

Kamal thapa

soo good

1 year ago

Maja Stanczewska

100. Maja. ❇♠♣

1 year ago

Julia Louzada

uma bosta

1 year ago

Paul Palmer

I love it it is amazing

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