Bee Gees - Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) video free download

Duration: 04:08
Uploaded: 2008/05/02

Masterpiece of love ballade from the greatest album "MAIN COURSE" 1975.

Written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Produced and Orchestra arranged by Arif Mardin. Lead vocals by Barry Gibb.


4 years ago

Luis Orozco

Otra buena pieza de los bee gees 

4 years ago


I remember these guys taking so much heat toward the end of their huge hit days. They just kept coming out with more and more great songs. Their music was head and shoulders above much of the music coming out at the time, and it blows most anything away from nowadays. Wonderful musicianship, writing, arranging, singing/harmonies, orchestration, etc.I never understood why, toward the end of their superstar years, they were dissed so much. Their talent was on a far higher level than most of the other music/artists from the times (and most of that is better than anything today). So... they just tricked all their detractors: they started writing and producing a bunch of hits for many of the stars that came out after them through the 80s. All those wide-eyed jerks that were knocking them and telling the rest of us how horrible they were were still listening to Bee Gees music... performed by other performers. Ironic.

4 years ago

Shirley Golianis

They sound like angels, love listening to them when I wake up in the morning while I study!

4 years ago

Dave Williams

I'm not the biggest fan of the Bee Gees, but I would never deny their talent. This is one of the best pop ballads ever written. Great stuff.

4 years ago


Darling, I'll always be tender with your love. I value it more than anything else. My love, you be gentle, strong with my love, keep it close to your heart

4 years ago

Silvia Del Valle Bravo

Amo, esta canción <3

4 years ago

tg music

this was the first record i ever bought. i was 8 years old.

4 years ago

Tracy Campanell

Check out this video on YouTube:

4 years ago

Bruce Gust

Thank you my love !!!...

4 years ago


Pure Gold

4 years ago

victoria benites

mi cancion

4 years ago


Who are the 94 'mofo's' that DID NOT like this song. Are you breathin'? 'cause ya surely can't be hearin'

4 years ago

Marines Toloi

Eu sou maníaca pelos BEE GESS, adoro as músicas deles e nunca tinha ouvido essa maravilha, ñ me conformo como nunca encontrei ela, é a música mais linda deles, sem sombras de dúvidas, é um hino, ouço ela todos os dias!

4 years ago

Jeannie E. Hess

Please be tender with your fanny...

4 years ago

Franxa Nova

Sweet song

4 years ago

jimmy page

fags, just kidding this is a pretty good song. i liked them a lot more when they weren't doing the falsetto shit

4 years ago

Emin R

this album was a real breakthrough. Thanks Guys, you will always be number ONE!

4 years ago

Fanny Acosta

Me encnataaaa.....en mi adolescencia me la dedicaban jajaja

4 years ago

Glenn Refuerzo

Check out this video on YouTube:pM 

4 years ago

Lissett Lamboy

My fav song!

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